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BHIM App Device Biding Failed OTP (Transaction Declined)

BHIM APP “Error fetching bank accounts
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BHIM App Device Biding Failed OTP (Transaction Declined) “Error Generating in OTP” On Set UPI Pin BHIM App. After verification of your mobile number and registering bank account with BHIM App, you will need to set UPI pin to make use of this app in money transfer. In order to generate UPI pin, You will need to fill last 6 digits of your debit or credit card number and debit/credit card expiry date in MM/YY format, suppose your debit card will expire in January 2018 then you need to fill 01/18. Now we are hearing same complaints “Error Generating in OTP” from BHIM App users.

How to resolve BHIM App issues?

If you are one of them who are having the same kind of error “Error Generating in OTP” then you are not alone even most of other Android smartphone users are facing the same kind of problem. Due to heavy load on handling multiple transactions at the same time, it’s a server issue or sometimes its issues of incorrect configuration. In this post, we will explain another issue related to BHIM App, called “Device binding Errors”.

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How to resolve BHIM App?

If you are facing “Error Generating in OTP”, “Device binding failed”, please follow same steps that are given below.

  1. Log out from the BHIM App, if you are not able to log out then remove it through phone task manager.
  2. Now try to log in second time.
  3. Make sure your Sim card should be in Slot 1 that support 4G high-speed internet connection.
  4. Clear the Cache & History using cleaner apps and try to make transaction again.

Note: “BHIM App currently not supports Android Marshmallow & Nougat OS.”

As you know there are 33 banks which support BHIM App UPI payment system. You have to wait if you didn’t find your bank in BHIM app list, hope, the above steps will help you.

If you still Face any issues then there is nothing to do, because we are getting Internet server issue, as soon as server issues will be resolved we will let you know and assist you better.

How To Fix Bhim App Not Working Errors?

Here is the process listed below which will help you to rid off from getting “Device binding failed” error every time.

  1. It is being seen that most users are facing “Device binding failed” error because of registered phone number Sim card placed in the wrong slot in a smartphone. Place your Sim card in ‘SIM Slot 1’.
  2. After that uninstall the BHIM App and again install it from google play store. You can download BHIM App from this website too, please look at Download option on top of this page.
  3. “Device binding failed” error might cause of low RAM or low storage device. In that case, close other running app and free the RAM and you should you delete cache and histories of the app in phone setting panel.
  4. Try again, hope this time you will not get an error. Hope it will help you.

BHIM App Customer Care support

How to Fix OTP Error in BHIM App?

Most of the people are complaining that they are not receiving OTP and rather 6 digits they are getting 4 digit OTP in the message, actually, there are some bugs in the system, you need not worry, our team is working on it, and within 1 or 2 days this problem will be resolved soon. If you are getting an error related to OTP then you are not alone.

The reason of this is a high load on the servers. The BHIM App is in its initiate version and BHIM team says “we will release upgrade new version of BHIM App so that it will be error-free”, We recommend you to use the app right now during late night ours or early morning hours to fix this issues. BHIM app will not work on newer version of android, “Marshmallow” and “Nougat”.

You can download BHIM App for Android (version 8 and above) and iOS (version 5 and above). Soon we will launch for window based app.

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