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Aadhar Payment App Download (BHIM) – How To Use & Install

Aadhar Payment APP Download
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Aadhar Payment App Download in How To Use & Install Android, ios & Windows Play Store: Aadhar Payment Application is an android app through this app you can transfer money online with ease through Aadhar Card without bank details wherever you want. You can download this app from google play store. We have listed methods for how to use aadhar payment App is given below.

How to download and use Aadhar Payment App

Aadhar Payment APk Download: On Demonetization 500 and 1000 old Indian rupees notes are illegal today and it is being motivated cashless society by current government. On Tuesday, 8th November 2016 it was announced that 500 and 1000 notes will not be considered legal and from that day all the transactions digitized to abolishment of black money.

Aadhar Payment APP Download

Aadhar Payment App Needs your aadhar card details, by using aadhar payment app you can send money without having internet connectivity. You don’t need need to fill credit or debit card information. Now people today use Point of sale services to pay the money in the stores. To avoid this problem, Government recently launched Aadhar Payment app on December 25, 2016. On this page, we have given details like How to use Aadhar payment app and How to pay money using Aadhar payment app. This Aadhar payment app is capable of shutting up critics with its simplicity of use. As you well know the things that your 12-digit Aadhar number uniquely identify as you are a citizen of India nobody else have same Aadhar number. Now the campaign is being run by India to make cashless society. However, after the demonetization, everybody is moving toward the cashless system. So the burden of keeping cash is about to eliminate one day.

The report said, App will be released on 25th December, taking a first level step towards a cashless society and if everything goes well this cashless society will cause of eradicating black money one day. This approach will eliminate the need of more ATM machines across the country. However, already Aadhar card is linked to public subsidy and unemployment benefit schemes.

Aadhar Payment APP Download

Steps for Download Aadhar Payment App

Please follow below steps that are given to download the app

  • Go to google play store and type Aadhar Payment in the search box on top of the screen.
  • Agree all the terms and condition
  • Tap on “Download” button
  • You have to wait for download complete
  • After download installs the app, the app will be installed on one go.

How to download Aadhar Payment App as Merchants and install Biometric Reader

As merchants need more transactions compared to the normal user so for merchant user they need to integrate their Smartphone with a biometric reader. The biometric reader has priced Rs. 2000 and merchant user have to integrate their own Aadhar card and bank account details with this app.

Steps are given below:

Download the Aadhar payment app

You need to integrate with the biometric machine installed on your Point Of Sale. For download the payment app your bank account details will be asked to fill.

You will be asked to enter bank account details.

Setup all the things that are required to use.

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